The principals at SEH are always seeking new acquisitions to expand our portfolio and capitalize on our expertise in industrial capital equipment and controls for automation, packaging, manufacturing and assembly. All companies are strategically selected for their complementary interests, concerns and synergies.

If you know of any companies for sale that meet our investment criteria, please contact us for further consideration.

Simplimatic Automation

Acquired in 2000, Simplimatic Automation is the cornerstone of the Simplimatic Engineering Holding portfolio. The company is a descendant of the original Simplimatic Engineering Company, whose respected history dates back to 1965. The company is a leading global provider of material handling and automation systems to a multitude of industries.
Info: www.simplimatic.com

Advantage Puck

Founded in 1994 and acquired in 2005, Advantage Puck is a leading global supplier of injection molded pucks. These carriers add stability to a product as it works its way through a variety of automation processes. Advantage Puck operates as an independent company and sells its products directly to end customers. Products can also be integrated into Simplimatic Automation systems for turnkey puck handling systems.
Info: www.advantagepuck.com


Acquired in 2010, Multi-Flex expanded our presence in modular conveyor and pallet transfer systems for packaging line automation. The product line is manufactured independently and sold through Simplimatic Automation.
Info: www.multi-flex.net

Dramco Machine Technologies

Acquired in 2014, Dramco Machine Technologies (DMT) is a leading integrator and distributor of FANUC Robotics for the automotive, consumer appliance, and medical device industries. Dramco is a great compliment to the material handling and automation capabilities of Simplimatic Automation, and make a great addition to the Simplimatic Engineering Holdings portfolio.
Info: www.DramcoTech.com