Tom DiNardo

President and Chief Executive Officer

Tom DiNardo leads the SEH team with over 25 years of experience in the automation field. His significant engineering, marketing and manufacturing experience directly benefits SEH portfolio companies by fostering innovation, strengthening product lines and streamlining operations.

Earlier in his career, Tom worked as an electrical engineer designing and writing code for material handling equipment. He also pioneered interface standardization in printed circuit board assembly lines. Directly and through his subordinates, he has overseen the installation of thousands automated systems in industries including Semiconductor, Electronics Assembly, Automotive Assembly, Packaging, Pharmacy Labs and Optical Labs.

By applying his extensive management experience, Tom facilitated rapid business growth as a Product Marketing Manager by focusing on product line strategy, marketing and distribution channels. As a General Manager, Tom grew a business from $500,000 in revenue to over $20 million, ensuring that the team and business processes grew correspondingly to support that growth.

As President and CEO of Simplimatic Engineering Holdings, Tom is an industry insider who is well versed in business and finance and who fully understands the operating challenges and opportunities facing small and medium sized industrial automation companies. He has unparalleled experience building automation businesses from the ground up and positioning them for hyper-growth and profitability.

Using practical and insightful leadership, Tom has successfully led companies through all phases of the business cycle including mergers, acquisitions, spin- offs, bankruptcies, reorganization and refinancing. His expertise is invaluable in identifying, evaluating and successfully managing the complex businesses in the SEH portfolio.

A dedicated family man, Tom’s interests include golf, cooking and other creative outlets.

Jim Griswold

Managing Partner

Jim Griswold applies his legal, business and deal-making experience to help secure the best acquisitions for SEH. During his 30-year tenure with the law firm Baker & Hostetler, he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, financing, venture capital, buyouts and privately-held businesses, and was a member of the firm’s Managing Committee.

Jim’s investments in industrial and/or high-growth businesses have included companies in manufacturing, automation and material handling, assembly, packaging, distribution, mobile communications, software technology and specialty products and equipment. With Bob Lasser, he co-founded Redline Investments LLC, a private equity firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.

Jim has served on several Boards of Directors, public and private. He is currently a Trustee of University School in Cleveland, Ohio, as well as past President and Chairman. Jim is a graduate of Harvard University and earned his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan.

A man of many talents and interests, Jim is an avid golfer and family man.

Bob Lasser

Managing Partner

Throughout his career, Bob Lasser has used his accounting and business expertise to help companies achieve unprecedented growth through business transformation and solid financial management. His expertise as an entrepreneur, business leader, mentor and private investor has a profound impact on the success and profitability of the businesses in SEH's portfolio.

In steering companies to achieve their potential, Bob has led three Initial Public Offerings in the retail, environmental services and technology sectors.

As chief executive officer of Management Reports, Inc., he transformed a computer service bureau into a global provider of real estate software and services and oversaw its sale to Intuit, Inc. Additionally, he co-founded a Web-based software company that was sold to an industry leader.

Bob is currently on the Board of Directors of five companies including Vox Mobile, PreEmptive Solutions and Simplimatic Engineering Holdings. He has private equity investments in over thirty companies and with Jim Griswold, co-founded Redline Investments LLC, a private equity firm based in Cleveland, Ohio.

A graduate of Wayne State University, Bob is a devoted family man, world traveler, auto racer and Vietnam veteran.

Elizabeth Dellinger

General Counsel

Betsy Dellinger contributes a unique blend of legal, financial and operational expertise to help position SEH through its operations and acquisitions, for long term growth and profitability. She practiced corporate law for nearly 25 years, and is fully versed on developing acquisition, finance, capital formation and growth strategies for entrepreneurial and middle market companies.

Serving also as Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel for Ironhawk Industrial Distribution, an early stage, fast-growing distribution company in Cleveland, Ohio, Betsy has gained practical experience transforming insightful business and financial strategies into successful day-to-day management, sales, accounting and operational processes.

Betsy is a graduate of Kenyon College and earned her Juris Doctor at Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She serves on the Board of Trustees of Cleveland Hearing and Speech Center. Her active lifestyle includes parenting two young sons, two dogs, family road trips and distance running.