Good businesses come in many shapes and sizes and as strategic buyers backed by private investors, we have great flexibility in the types of transactions we pursue.

We invest in organizations that specialize in manufacturing and engineering industrial capital equipment and controls that are used in a multitude of industries and applications. With our deep knowledge of this market, we can readily identify companies that complement our portfolio and will benefit from seasoned expertise to enhance business growth, operational efficiency, general management and investment value.

We typically only make control investments, and seek to acquire companies or product lines with revenues ranging from $5 to $20 million. We are open to acquisitions that can integrate into one of our existing portfolio companies or operate as a standalone business.

Company Characteristics

Our flexible investment strategies allow us to consider companies with different business structures and in varying stages of growth, lifecycle and financial condition.

Sole Proprietors and Family Businesses

Entrepreneurial companies that have been run by an individual or a family face unique challenges when it’s time to retire or change focus. In considering such acquisitions, we are open to owners and family members maintaining active roles within the business, or we can facilitate an exit strategy that ensures a smooth and orderly departure from the company. We are also committed to ensuring continuity for the employees and communities that rely on the business.

Divisions or Product Lines of Larger Enterprises

SEH has the insights and resources needed to accommodate challenging, carve-out transactions. Depending on what’s best for the business and the portfolio, we can facilitate a fast, clean break to move a business or product line to a new home or implement an appropriate transition plan.

Financial Position

Our background and experience allow us to consider investment opportunities across the financial spectrum, whether a potential acquisition business is performing well or needs a financial turnaround. We have direct access to legal and financial resources that can ensure the long-term viability of every business we acquire.


SEH focuses on acquiring companies that specialize in industrial capital equipment and controls for electronics, assembly, manufacturing and packaging. Specific applications include:

Electronics automation
  • Printed circuit board assembly equipment
  • Semiconductor wafer and packaging automation equipment
Laboratory Automation
  • Optical lab automation
  • Prescription fulfillment automation
Packaging Automation
  • Food & Beverage packaging automation
  • Personal care & Household Products
    packaging automation
  • Blow molding packaging automation
  • Automotive & Industrial packaging automation