Simplimatic Engineering Holdings is a private company backed by an experienced group of private investors. We have a successful track record of long-term growth and an expanding portfolio of strategically selected companies that share complementary interests, concerns and synergies.

Specializing in Industrial Capital Equipment Companies

SEH focuses on acquiring companies that provide industrial capital equipment and controls for automation, packaging and assembly. We have a wealth of engineering and operational experience in this market and understand what these companies need to be successful. As experienced buyers, we know how to look beyond current circumstances and accurately determine the value of a business and its prospects for growth.

Acquisition and Business Partners

The principals of SEH have extensive experience with many types of investments and transactions. Our preferred approach is to make acquisitions in partnership with experienced management teams. These teams contribute industry, product and customer expertise, while we assist as an active board providing strategic guidance and support. The win-win result is accelerated growth and profitability.

Our past experience, extensive networks and ample business resources can address legal, financial and infrastructure issues and position the business for greater success. With such concerns taken care of, the management teams are empowered to focus on their customers, employees and products while managing day-to-day business operations.